Sideline Cheerleading: What is their role?

Sideline cheerleaders serve as positive role models and lead the student body in a positive manner at games. Cheerleaders are the ambassadors for the school they represent. Cheerleaders assist the school and the officials in the promotion of good sportsmanship.  Simply, they are entertaining to the crowd ! Effective sideline cheerleaders can drastically change the atmosphere of the game.

Good sportsmanship should be the foundation of any cheerleading team. Cheerleaders have the responsiblity to treat opposing cheerleaders and players with respect and as a guest. They should be treated how they would like to be treated if visiting another school. Sideline cheers should be positive and offer praise to your team and never demoralize the opponents.

Cheerleaders lead and encourage. It is critical that cheerleaders represent their schools and communities in a positive manner. Through their actions and leadership skills; they should encourage their peers and fans to do the same.

Some examples of inappropriate sportsmanship would include yelling to distract opposing players, interfering with the game officials, booing, directing cheers at the opposing student body and even activities such as tumbling intended to challenge the other team to do the same.

The most important role of the coach in sideline cheerleading is that of “teacher.” The coach should display leadership, poise, timeliness, honesty, and integrity. One of the most important things a coach can teach is good sportsmanship.

Sideline cheerleaders also perform at pep rallies, make banners for the school and/or football stadium or gym.  Sideline cheerleading is fun. It is time to shine in front of your school. Most of these cheerleaders also cheer competitively or on their schools competition cheer team.  Friday night football games are their time to lead the crowd, cheer on their team, and show of their amazing talents.


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